Fall Registration 2019

Hi, we are delighted to have you back! If you have this super-secret link you are part of an exclusive club- you get first dibs on tutoring times! When you select a time below, that will be your time slot for the semester. The extra times will be added auto-magically. As always, you can reschedule within the same week if there is an appointment available. If there are any dates you need to us to work around (such as vacations or athletic events) let us know now we will try to accommodate you.

Scheduling Tips & Guidelines

1. When you sign up for lessons, place the reservation under the name of the student, it keeps all of my personal notes and forms together with all of your billing and contact information. This step especially important if you have more than one child working with me this year.

2. Please check “save this card for easier use in the future”. The number is encrypted and stored off-site, but having it on file is required because it is the only way for me to sort out billing errors, refund charges to you if there is an issue, or automate payments

3. The $1.00 charge is there simply to vault the card into stripe, I will refund the amount within a week of registration.

4. For Wednesday students, I will be returning from my anniversary trip to Hawaii on Wednesday, August 28th. While I plan to hold lessons for anyone who wants them I will definitely not be at my absolute best. If you prefer not to have lessons that week, use code NOWEDNESDAY at checkout and it will deduct that lesson from the cost of your payment plan or package. If you are paying for the semester upfront by check and you don’t want that lesson, subtract $75 from the amount.

Compare Options Before Paying