Reason Math Tutoring closed over a year ago. This website remains in its current form so that Stripe will actually transfer the several thousand dollars in funds that they claim cannot be transferred until the site is in compliance with the terms of service. Below are the requirements for site compliance, per the Stripe support page on the subject.

  • Complete description of the goods or services offered – Reason Math Tutoring offered amazing 1 on 1 math tutoring for students ranging from elementary to high school. Plus the occasional college student would come back for help with a particularly gnarly subject, because Ashley was just that good.
  • Transaction currency – US Dollar
  • Customer service contact details (phone, email, address) – 404-398-4606,
  • Return/refund and shipping policies (if shipping physical goods) – Not Applicable
  • Legal or export restrictions (if applicable) – Not Applicable
  • Consumer data privacy policy – Ashley did not sell her client’s information. Period. End of story. She even took care to protect client information when her housemate needed to borrow her computer.
  • Terms and conditions of any promotions – There were no promotions. Ashley had a waiting list and selected her clients.
  • Security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details – Ashley used HTTPS and TLS, as required by Stripe for Stripe Checkout. These services are not active currently, because they expired shortly after Ashley closed the business and she did not see the need to continue paying for security that was no longer needed. She trusts that Stripe will not require her to re-secure a site for a shuttered business for the purposes of closing out her Stripe account and transferring the remaining balance.





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